Bheem Sain Arora

Director Reiki Healing Clinic, Life Coach, Reiki Grand Master, Founder Chairman Reiki Art of Healing Association, Chief Editor Science Of Healing(Monthly Magazine), President Healthy Life Foundation.

An engineer by profession abandoned is lucrative business and came fold of Reiki 15 years back as a matter of choice. He not only mastered this Art but also gained knowledge of many other related therapies in order to provide a soothing touch to the needy. His reputation spread far and wide as is evident from the number of his attunes running into thousand. His disciples encompass wide spectrum of society be they doctors, engineers, lecturers, bankers, business people service personnel, NRIs etc.

He is successfully running Reiki Art of Healing Center, catering service to a plethora of inconvent ailments of body, mind and soul. The beneficiaries are thousands who leading normal lives after restoration of their health. In pursuance of his dream of a healthy society at all the three level of physical, mental and emotional, he has been organizing Reiki healing Camps at various urban and rural areas. This step of organizing Reiki Camp became so popular that scores of his attunees also joined him in this endeavor to become love lite in extending soothing touch. These Camps also became motivating platforms for his disciples to gain and practise fisrt hand knowledge of Reiki healing and experiencing the results which ensue. Practical guidlines are also provided to promote self esteem, prestige, welbeing of self so that an atmosphere of homogeneity is evolved to dispel phobias, fears, bad habits and addictions leading to harmonious family lives.

In words of Guru ji, as we refer to him lovingly, ” have big dreams, desires, passions, action and unshaken faith, The Universe will work for you to never let you down.”

His sole purpose of life is to make the masses aware of Reiki as an effective and complete solutions of physical, mental and emotional health problems. A gateway to healthy, wealthy and prosperous happy life.


Our Goals

The motto of Reiki Healing Clinic is to build a conglomerate that is based on warmth and friendship, one that is open to sharing, discovering, learning, supporting and encouraging Reiki Practitioners to spread Reiki throughout the community and beyond.


“Cosmic healing is a way of life, which leads you to eternal joy.”