How many attunements are there ?

In First Diploma Reiki there are 4 attunements. The main focus at this stage is to high quality tune the bodily car, to really elevate the life drive vitality at a mobile stage, in order that the physique can obtain or channel better quanities of life drive vitality to each itself and others. The aim of the attunements is to not open chakras or awaken the kundalini, though generally sure openings could happen. The main focus of First Diploma attunements is to reinstate the Reiki channel, the direct hyperlink we have at all times had (however couldn’t understand as a consequence of our conditioning) to the Common Life Pressure Power which we actually are.

The attunements could be given one per day over a 4 day interval or minimally over two days with 24 hours between the second and third attunement. By no means ought to all 4 attunements be given in someday! If they’re, it is a useless give away that you aren’t receiving the Reiki empowerments as handed down
by Dr. Usui.

The primary empowerment attunes the center and thymus on each the bodily and the etheric stage and establishes the Reiki channel. The second empowerment impacts the thyroid gland and on an etheric stage helps to open the communication middle. It additionally raises the life drive vitality of the nervous system which then wants time to regulate. The third attunement impacts the pineal gland (which, etherically, corresponds to the third eye) and the hypothalamus which guidelines the physique‘s temper and temperature. A way of calm or peacefulness typically happens after this attunement. The fourth empowerment is the ultimate “sealing in” course of, and units the channel in so that you’re going to by no means lose it.

All 4 attunements affect the complete endocrine system, and proceed to reap their profit in the course of the 21-day cleanse course of, as a lot of the dross within the blocked areas is let go off.

Your Reiki channel could “atrophy” over a interval of years when you do not use it, however it is going to at all times stay with you prepared to be reinstated everytime you name upon it, as soon as all 4 attunements have been accomplished.

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