What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient art of “laying on hands” in order to heal.

It is the use of touch to convey warmth, serenity, love, caring, healing, through the channeling of energy to enhance a person’s own life.

Reiki Consists of two words Rei- and Ki.

Rei- : is spiritual power, universal transcendental spirit.

Ki : it means the essence of vital life force energy.

Ki exists in everything. It is a subtle energy that flows within and surrounds all life. It is an essential energy for everything that exists in the physical and spiritual worlds.

There are a range of different vibrations within the human chakras and aura. These vibrations of Ki help to sustain the physical body, our thoughts and feelings as well as our spiritual experiences.

When Ki is out of balance, pockets of negative energy form around the physical body, and within the subtle energies of the aura and chakras.

This heavy negative energy cannot flow freely and becomes sluggish and stagnant resulting in dysfunction and illness in the body. In Reiki negative energy is removed so that healthy Ki is free to flow again and heal the body.

Reiki healers channel the positive Ki to the specific area of the body, aura or chakra where negative energy is harbored, leading to releasing of negative energy from the person’s energy field and replaced by healthy Ki, which results in the natural flow of positive Ki.

“Cosmic healing is a way of life, which leads you to eternal joy.”