What are the hand positions and how can I treat specific ailments ?

Each place on the physique is a attainable Reiki hand place, so there are not any set guidelines of what can and can’t be handledFinally, Reiki power will all the time be drawn the place it’s most wanted within the physique so there is no such thing as a want to fret about placing your palms on a unsuitable place. With this all acknowledged however, there are some fundamental positions on the physique which have been really helpful by Mrs.. Takata to be coated in a full physique remedy. Her fundamental focus was to deal with all the most important organs and the endocrine system.

I usually advocate that college students both buy or borrow from a library, a superb anatomy image guide, so as to be taught the correct placement of the most important organs and endocrine glands after I first display them within the class. Mrs. Takata by no means mentioned treating chakras which has develop into so well-liked right this moment, however emphasised the significance of the endocrine glands which management the physique‘s chemistry and occur to be in the identical place because the seven fundamental chakras or power facilities.

To start a remedy I usually begin on the head, which helps to instantly calm the thoughts and launch stress. I begin by putting my palms over my eyes whereas concurrently protecting the sinuses and third eye or pineal gland. I subsequent place my palms on the temples, ears, after which occipital lobes on the base of the cranium. For the fifth place, I place one hand over each occipital lobes and the opposite over the brow.

This place is one hand over the throat and one hand behind the again of the neck. You then merely proceed placing your palms in a straight line down the entrance of the torso, starting with one hand over the thyroid on the hole on the base of the throat and the opposite hand slightly below it over the thymus which is halfway between the thyroid and the center. Subsequent, I place each palms over the center, then each palms over the photo voltaic plexus, navel, and the stomach and ovaries for girls (above the pubic bone) and inguinal nodes for males when treating one other. Males ought to deal with the gonads immediately throughout self remedy as a result of it helps stop prostate issues.

After the “round headband” positions on the top, and the straight line down the middle, you’ll be able to then deal with the liver (to the correct of the photo voltaic plexus), the spleen/pancreas (to the left of the photo voltaic plexus), and the higher lungs (these final positions kind an ideal sq.). I train the positions this method to make them simple to remenber, however in addition they will be given in a unique, extra systematic order. Thus, the scholar want solely bear in mind: a circle across the head, a line down the entrance, and a sq. on the high and backside corners of every rib cage.

Mrs. Takata positioned lots of significance on protecting the coronary heart, lungs, spleen, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, giant and small intestines and many others. on the torso after first head. I full treating the entrance of my physique by letting Reiki be drawn into my knees and ft, after which start on the again by treating my shoulders. With cautious placement of the palms you’ll be able to then deal with your personal kidneys, adrenals, decrease again, and sacro-liac crest. When treating one other you’ll be able to after all cowl extra of the higher again.

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