In Reiki-2 you study to heal in absentee. Additionally you get to know concerning the symbols for therapeutic. Then you definitely learn to use these symbols for simpler therapeutic. You follow the issues like making an intention, writing an intention, visualizing the affected person visualizing the occasion to be created or modified and so forth. He additionally practices the methods to heal an individual from a distance for his complete physique, in addition to the quick type of therapeutic methodology the place he can heal simply in ten minutes or so. One is aware of that by studying the second stage of Reiki is drastically multiplied whereas the time that he spends on therapeutic

After studying all this stuff, the scholar is attuned into Reiki-2. After attunement, he has to follow the therapeutic as soon as once more. This helps him know the distinction within the emotions earlier than and after the attunement. Additionally the seeker can get the suggestions of these whom he sends the therapeutic earlier than and after attunement. This suggestions can assist him know the distinction the affected person feels within the therapeutic after the attunement of Reiki-2.

Then the trainer provides some concluding ideas and tells the scholar concerning the areas in life the place he can use this therapeutic methodology. The following pointers may be masking many of the areas, however nonetheless they can’t be exhaustive. There are various areas in life the place we will use Reiki. Your grasp needn’t know the areas of your work, so he might omit some must find and discover these areas. The trainer additionally tells the scholar to experiment freely and use the symbols and methods in as many optimistic methods as he can.

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