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That is the image  grasp learns in thee third diploma of Reiki. That is DI KO MYO. It has numerous the reason: DI means massive man, giant or nice in Japanese. The KO means ray, mild, shine, in response to one whereas it means vitality safety as per the opposite. energies, i.e. the Generator, Organizer, Destroyer, i.e. the Environment

MYO means grounding and creating as a result of oneness with the universe. The opposite which means of myo is, clear open vibrant radiance.


Together with these conventional symbols, there are two symbols that I’ve discovered to be efficient. These are, SWASTIK OM TRISHOOL & EH HE YEH. They can be utilized to start with and on the finish of the therapeutic session as given under.

The SWASTIK OM TRISHOOL was acquired by me in 1993. It is a distinctive mixture of the three conventional symbols. The SWASTIK signifies the start. It invokes the creator energies. The OM signifies the safety. It invokes the protective and sustaining energies. The TRISHOOL signifies destruction. It invokes the destroying energies for the destruction of the detrimental. With these energies at work, the therapeutic occurs a lot sooner!
GOD vitality.

The opposite image that I like to recommend right here is, EH HE YEH. The which means of this image as I bought is, ‘I AM THAT (common vitality)’. In Sanskrit, it’s known as SOHAM. While you draw this image whereas concluding the Reiki at any time when the affected person wants Reiki later earlier than the following remedy, you retain the affected person linked with the common energies even after the remedy in order that therapeutic session, he retains getting it from the universe. Additionally, the protecting defend of this image prevents the lack of energies that the affected person has acquired.
These symbols show to be very helpful in therapeutic with conventional symbols.
Usually, I counsel the healers to start the therapeutic session with SWASTIK OM TRISHOOL and conclude it with EH HE YEH. This helps the healer to get the therapeutic began sooner in addition to get the affected person protected after therapeutic is over.

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