USUI’s Unique Hand Positions
***Healee is seated, not mendacity down***

Therapeutic shall be began from head place.
The next 5 positions shall be healed in 30 minutes complete.
Then different required positions exhibiting imbalance are healed.
1. Zento-bu: Brow high (the road the place your hair begins to develop)
2. Sokuto-bu: Each side of your head on the similar time
3. Koutou-bu: Again of your head and brow (Nentatsu)
4. Enzui-bu: Either side of the neck
5. Toucho-bu: Prime of your head (crown)
I like to recommend that you simply do this technique and see what it seems like.
I believe we will safely say that following the top
Byosen can be practised for treating any imbalance in physique.

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